Crawfish Boil Recipe

Crawfish Boil Recipe

Crawfish Boil Recipe (click on recipe to print)




How many crawfish per person?

We like to order our crawfish live from Louisiana Crawfish Company.  They ship them out the same day they’re caught, and ours have always arrived fresh the next day. We bought the 50lb party pack this year and had about 2 catering pans left over that we shelled the next day for gumbo and etouffee. We usually get about 2-3lbs per eating adult, but if you have a smaller group, feel free to make it part of your rsvp to get a more accurate number:

___ We love crawfish.

___ We like to taste a few.

___ We do not love crawfish.

For crawfish lovers, get about 3-5lbs per person, and maybe just 1lb per person for the tasters. Worst case scenario you have enough extra to make something fun the next day.


What you’ll need:

  • Large pot with built in strainer and a propane or natural gas burner. You might pull out that old turkey fryer you used that one time if the burner sits low enough to the ground… Here are some setups similar to what we use. Otherwise just google “crawfish boil pot” and you’ll have lots of options, or ask around and see if you can borrow one.
  • Strainer or stirring paddle. Many people use a stainless steel paddle. We like the wood one a) because we already had one for brewing beer and b) because it doesn’t get too hot.
  • Table covered in a newspapers or a heavy duty disposable table cloth to dump the boil out on.
  • Paper towel and garbage cans.


How to Eat Them:

  1. Hold crawfish in one hand.
  2. Grab by the tail with the other and twist/gently pull tail.
  3. Suck the seasoned water out of head and discard.
  4. Peel shell off of tail. (I twist off little flipper at the end 1st to make it easier).
  5. De-vein (optional). Grab bulk of vein at small of tail and it should peel off pretty easily.

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