Flowers & Landscape

The Roses...

This little semi-circle of beauty was already here when we arrived at the house. It was wonderful, with it's stone bench and twisting ivy vines. There is one birdhouse nearby to keep the birds singing and another with a little latch door to store pruners and garden gloves which I find very charming. Someone clearly put a lot of love into this garden and we adore it. This year I plan on taming the bushes that have gone wild, adding an arbor for climbing roses, and filling in the empty spaces with some new varieties.

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The beautiful flowers...

What isn't to love about flowers? They find a way to brighten up every single season of the year- spring's daffodils, tulips, peonies and hyacinth; summer's lilacs, wildflowers, roses and lilies; fall's sunflowers and mums; and winter's poinsettias, paper whites and amaryllis.

This is where we will talk all things flowers and landscape. How to pick'em, plant'em, and hopefully not kill them!

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The Trees

If you were going to plant 1 new tree in your yard every year, what would it be? Would it be different every year? Would you choose an ornamental or a shade tree? Would you try to add fall or spring color?

These are all great questions! When choosing the landscape for your yard, do not overlook your tree options.

This past year we had to clear out a lot of ash trees that had been infected with emerald ash borer and even more buckthorn, which is an invasive species and tends to overtake anything around it (more on buckthorn). Afterwards there was such a mess of mud and stumps. It was time to clean-up and plant.

The point is that I was faced with all of these questions and more and dove into the task of researching the best trees for what we were trying to accomplish. I figure I might as well share everything that I've learned, and continue to learn with you!

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Magnolia Tree in spring