Garden & Landscape Inspiration- Favorite Magazines

Garden & Landscape Inspiration- Favorite Magazines

When it comes to projects that you’re working on, where to you draw your inspiration from? Where do you find your best ideas? If you’re like me, you find inspiration EVERYWHERE! From magazines and catalogs, to storefronts, to my endless array of Pinterest boards. Honestly, how did people complete design projects before Pinterest?!? 😉

Well, as far as gardening and landscape projects are concerned, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite magazines to sneak great ideas from…

  1. Gardens Illustrated
  • Think beautiful English and European gardens. This magazine not only has wonderful pictures and ideas, but they actually tell you which plants/flowers are shown (it might sound silly, but many magazines don’t list the variety of flowers shown in their photos which can be frustrating if you see something that you love but don’t know what it is)!
  • Their website also has great planting and design ideas and resources, as well as some “high-end” podcasts (think Chelsea Garden Show)

2. The Old Farmers Almanac Gardening Guide

  • Ok, I know this seems very old school, but they publish an annual magazine that is packed full of information and ideas! “An annual that is the go-to guide for tips, advice, and inspiration for all things gardening!”

3. The Cottage Journal

  • This magazine is a little bit more decor and pictures, but I really love paging through it, and they always have the most beautiful covers (great pop of color for your coffee table or a guest bedroom)!
  • Fun  and beautiful ideas to decorate for all of mother nature’s seasons.

4. Better Homes & Gardens

  • Ok, I feel like every gardener has had a subscription to this at some point in time. It’s almost like a right of passage when you go from single to married with kids. 😉
  • Great recipes and home ideas, but they have also done a great job highlighting private home gardens in the past, which I love.
  • Website is filled with gardening articles and design tools!

5. Southern Lady

  • This may seem like an odd choice, but I love reading through this magazine. They always highlight decor and recipes for “entertaining” outdoors and in the garden… think brunch in the rose garden or lunch in the orchard. This might sound silly to some, but I adore the thought of any alfresco dining. Sometimes I think I am an old Southern Woman at heart, haha.

There are so many great gardening magazines out there to choose from so get out there and find your favorites. I know we are all very busy (I have 5 young kids so I get it!) but for me, finding time each month to sit down with a cup of coffee and page through these looking for fun new ideas is one of my favorite things to do.

As always, happy gardening!