Some people buy gifts, some send cards, but my husband and I? We cook good food- this is one of our favorite ways of showing love and friendship. We love surrounding ourselves with great people. The grilling, baking, sauteing, the flowers, and all the details is how we show people that they are important to us! I believe there is an entertainer in all of us, and whether it's 5 people or 50, and whether you're a good cook or not, inviting people over to share a meal with them shows them that you care! Hopefully I'll give you some tips, recipes, and inspiration that will help!                                      

Farm to Table

Once the season gets going, this is where you'll find all of my favorite ideas on creating beautiful outdoor dining experiences as well as custom, fresh-from-the-garden menus.

Flower Arrangements

How to use all of your beautiful flowers to create centerpieces for events, gifts, and for your own home.

Decor through the Seasons

Do you like decorating your house for practically every season? Me too! Hopefully this helps you with a little inspiration.