Canning Basics 101 Video: Strawberry Jam

Canning Basics 101 Video: Strawberry Jam

There are few things that say summer quite like homemade strawberry jam. We love going strawberry picking in June, and we love the fresh, bright red berry taste that the homemade version gives us all year. If you’ve never made jam before- no worries! I’ll take you through it start to finish so you’ll be canning your own in no time.

Disclaimer: In this video I made a large batch of jam all at once because I didn’t feel like making 2 or 3 batches. Some people do not recommend this and say, as a rule of thumb, to never do a batch larger than six cups. Pretty much because it takes longer to heat which can lead to uneven heating (if you’re not stirring the whole time) or a darker color in your finished product (this does not bother me at all- it still tastes the same). So basically, if you want that bright red color- make a smaller batch! 🙂

I did this at night for the sake of making the video, but normally I’ll do it during the day so the kids can help out. They do well with washing the berries and crushing them (and taste testing of course). So make it a family affair!

Strawberry Jam Recipe




Here are a few photos of our fun:



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