Why I plant flowers…

Why I plant flowers…

On any given day if you ask me if I have anything going on, the list is endless. It feels like I always have about 150 things that I should be doing, or projects that I have in the works. Yet, I still make time for flowers. Should I unpack that last box in the basement from moving? Or maybe organize the kids’ closets…again? Probably. But those things will have to wait for another day, because on this day, I am planting flowers.

I do it because they make me happy. Every time I walk past them on my way into the house or as we go get the mail, their bright little pops of color bring me joy. I can’t explain it- I just love them! I know they were put on this earth for the bugs and bees and butterflies and all that, but I like to think that some of them are around just to make people smile. Every time one of my kids brings me a little handful of daffodils or purple wood violets, or even a single dandelion, it just melts my heart. They are so proud to find something beautiful to share.

So keep checking back, as I’ll be posting all sorts of different flowers and plants you can add to your yard to brighten your day.

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