Beautiful Window Boxes and Pots full of Flowers!

Beautiful Window Boxes and Pots full of Flowers!

I love having an array of potted flowers at our entryway and on the patios. Plants and flowers in your landscape are great, but potted flowers add a pop of color and some greenery and softness to patios and front steps. What’s also great is that they can change every year (or every season if you’re very ambitious)!

I had the boys with me while flower shopping this time, which was fun. I usually like to bring the kids because I think garden centers can be amazing for them! I remember going to one in particular when I was young… running up and down the endless aisles of marigolds, petunias, and snapdragons…I used to love that. We love to smell them all and see all of the different colors. I hope one day they’ll have lovely memories of this the way that I do.



So what do you plant?

Pretty much whatever you want! Here’s a couple things to keep in mind though…

  • Will my planters/window boxes be in shade, partial shade, or full sun? For example, geraniums and petunias love full sun, but begonias would prefer the shade. If you’re unsure about which plants like what, just start checking their little tags, or ask someone at the local nursery for some
    planter filled with empty pots for drainage


  • If you planter/box is heavy or large, make sure you put it where it’s going to go before you add dirt and plants- dirt gets heavy!
  • Make sure their is a hole for drainage. If the pot is on the larger side, I always add filler in the bottoms, not only to keep it from getting too heavy, but to help with drainage. I use whatever is around- styrofoam, those little plastic pots the plants came in (turned upside down), packing peanuts, pinecones, etc.

When picking out my plants I usually use at least 3 types of plants or more. Something tall for in the middle, something medium height- usually my “star” flower, and some sort of vine or draping flower. This year I actually ended up wine a lot of “vine” type flowers because I couldn’t stay away from the flats of wave petunia! Here’s a little inspiration…


Planters for Sun


Planters for Shade


Planters with Herbs & Vegetables Mixed In

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