Mini Herb Gardens for Gifts or Just for Fun!

Mini Herb Gardens for Gifts or Just for Fun!

Every year our family likes to come up with a little extra special something for the kids’ teachers, which I think is the least we can do after all the time and effort they put in! This year we thought some mini herb gardens might be a fun and cute way to say thank you. So we headed off to the garden center (I swear they all know me by now) to pick out our herbs. We picked them based on looks, usefulness, and smell (ok, almost completely by smell!) and ended up with 2 trays full of sweet basil, oregano, and rosemary.

I didn’t see any cute little sets of pots that we liked, so I ran to Michaels and found these galvanized planters in their floral department. I loved that they had chalkboards!

That night after the kids went to bed I filled them all with water and set them in the garage to make sure they didn’t leak- no one wants a leaky planter on their table. Only one did, so I’ll either run my hot glue gun around the inside seams to seal it up, or I’ll return it (which means I’ll put it back in the bag and forget that I have it, only to find it again in 6 months as a surprise, haha).

We used part of a bag of potting soil to fill them all about 1/2 full, plant everything, and then added extra soil as needed. They were given a good watering and left in the garage overnight so the planters could dry off a bit.


The next morning we wiped them all down to get any extra dirt off, tied up little bundles of chalk to go with them, and the kids wrote their thank yous on the little chalk boards. I think they turned out pretty cute!


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