How to Plant & Grow Beautiful Paperwhites for the Holidays- Video

How to Plant & Grow Beautiful Paperwhites for the Holidays- Video



There is just something so incredibly beautiful about having pots filled with petite paperwhite flowers during the holidays. They are festive, they smell nice, and they can spruce up just about any area of your home!

Better yet- they can be planted in about 1 minute flat. I planted about 4 bags in about 2 minutes!


Things to remember with paperwhites:

  1. They can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to bloom, depending on the variety. So plant them in late October/early November if you want them blooming for the holidays.
  2. Some stems may require a little support when blooming. Simply tying a ribbon loosely around them or using a little support ring like this one will work great.
  3. Keep in a sunny location and rotate them on occasion, if needed.
  4. Do not over-water. 




You can keep it simple and plant your bulbs in a cute little terra cotta pot with some moss, or get creative with festive pine boughs, berry branches, or ornaments.


A white vase with pinecones, ornaments, and decorative branches makes a gorgeous centerpiece. From


A large urn with silvers, whites, and accent plants and garland make a stunning entry table. From Southern Hospitality.


Oh my goodness- beautiful!!!   Paperwhites at Christmas. Mary McDonald Veranda Feature.


You can’t go wrong with a fireplace mantle lined with paperwhites.


No matter what you do with them, they are bound to add a touch of holiday class to your home.

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