Beautiful Varieties of Pumpkins

Beautiful Varieties of Pumpkins

When the weather starts to cool and the end of September/beginning of October approach, it can only mean one thing…… Pumpkins!! There’s just something about Fall that I love; maybe it’s getting my favorite sweaters back out or drinking a hot cup of coffee on those cool mornings, or maybe it’s the beautiful leaves falling and the animals scurrying around, or maybe it’s all of it! 

One of our favorite Fall activities is to go searching for the most colorful pumpkins we can find (well, that’s my plan anyway- my kids are clearly searching for the biggest ones). From the red/orange cinderellas to the pale orange fairytale pumpkins, and everything in between. I simply cannot drive past a pumpkin stand without stopping. 

The great thing about people wanting more of the “unusual” types of pumpkins is that many small farms are choosing to grow upwards of 5, 10, or even 20 different varieties of pumpkins and gourds to appeal to all of their customers. If you can’t find all of the ones you’re looking for at one place, try another one too. Honestly, not only is it fun to decorate and cook with them, but the more you buy, the more you are supporting your local farms. So I say go for it! Here are some of the more popular heirloom varieties:


Cinderella Pumpkin


Jarrahdale Blue Pumpkin


Fairytale Pumpkin


Lumina Pumpkin


Marina di Chioggia pumpkin


One-Too-Many Pumpkin


A trip to a local farm the other day for my daughter’s school field trip led me to these beauties. 🙂


White Lumina Pumpkins


October Pink Pumpkins


And these from another farm that I took the boys and my nephew to. We needed at least 30 pumpkins for kids to decorate at their birthday party. More pumpkins?? You don’t have to ask me twice!

Too many?? HaHa! Good thing I didn’t have all four kids with me or they would’ve been hitch-hiking home! 😉


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