A Welcoming Fall Front Entrance

A Welcoming Fall Front Entrance

As much as love all of the spring and summer plantings, I am always excited when the temperatures start to turn, because then it is time for all things pumpkins, gourds, mums, corn stalks and bales of hay! This year was no exception. Between a couple trips to various pumpkin farms and stands with the kids, and my mother-in-law being very kind and delivering some additional (gorgeous!) pumpkins, we were able to really spruce up the front and back patio areas. Here are some pictures from the front walk…



I normally go for the burgundy colored mums, but by the time I made it to the garden center there were not two large ones left, sooooooo these amber colored ones are starting to grow on me. 🙂 🙂   And I just realized our little “Welcome Truck” sign is still out from the boys’ farm/pumpkin birthday!


Don’t be afraid to spruce up a bench or rocking chair! Just make sure that there is still room for someone to sit down and that your decor can withstand the weather.


A large planter at either side of the front door makes a statement, and also makes it easy to display your favorite flowers/plants year round. If you can’t spring for the cast iron ones, you can actually buy less expensive cast resin ones and spray paint them black with exterior black paint. I did this years ago for a corporate event (with stacked pumpkins and silver dollar eucalyptus branches) and they were gorgeous! 


These should stay beautiful right through the Thanksgiving Holiday to greet your guests!


When the season is over, we toss these behind the back garden fence in hopes that some pumpkins and gourds will seed themselves for next year. This summer we actually had a number of different gourd vines sprawling all over the back edge of the yard from last years fall display!


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