Getting Ready to Plant Some Trees? Here’s A Checklist!

Getting Ready to Plant Some Trees? Here’s A Checklist!

So I’ve been tagging trees at several nurseries over the past month or so in preparation for our plant today. Hint- don’t be limited by what’s at the nursery closest to you. Fell free to check there first, but if they don’t have what you want start looking around at other places.

Yesterday the boys even helped me grab the last few which they though was amazing (think mud, forklifts, bulldozers, etc, etc = boy heaven). Doesn’t this little guy look happy? This is the grin of a kid who just dumped our water bottle and is super proud of himself.

Tree shopping!


Tree Planting Checklist:


  • When choosing trees, do your research and know your area.
    1. Are you looking for shade? Color? An ornamental?
    2. How large is the space? Will my tree fit well there when it is full grown?
    3. Do I need full sun, part shade, or full shade?
    4. If the area wet? Dry? Does it have good drainage?


  • Be flexible. The tree you’ve always wanted may not be the right one for that space.


  • Who’s planting this tree? Is it small enough that you can do it or do you need a planting service?
    1. If you are going to hire someone, don’t be afraid to compare prices (which can vary greatly)!
    2. Will they pick the trees up or do you need to have them delivered.
    3. Does the installation include mulch and a good watering? (it should)
    4. Who is covering the warranty?
      1. If you buy it direct from the nursery, they will usually provide a 1 yr warranty fro the date of purchase.
      2. If you purchase directly from the company planting them, they should provide a warranty which can be anything from 1 yr to lifetime.

        Write the name of the tree on each flag.


  • If you are planting multiple trees, do your guy a favor and put out flags where you want them to go. It is also helpful to do this beforeyour utilities are marked so they can double check that what you’re thinking will work. Then adjust your flags after as needed.


  • Call Digger’s hotline (or make sure that the company doing the planting does).
    1. They should mark out major utilities, gas and power.


  • Call Private Lines
    1. They should mark out almost everything else- private electrical and gas, additional cable and data lines, etc.


  • Call any additional companies that you need to mark things. For us that is our sprinkler company.


  • Water!!! After you plant a tree, please do not forget to water it for the first few weeks, or even months if it’s dry. You’d be surprised how many people skip this step…


Then relax and enjoy the beautiful addition to your landscape. Congratulations, the yard is prettier and the air will be cleaner. 🙂

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